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Welcome to the Fred C. Sawyer
North TX Chapter 56
of the American First Day Cover Society
Texas Philatelic Association Unit #6

Texas Philatelic Association

We are a local chapter of the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) located in the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Chapter meetings are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Wineburgh Philatelic Library in the Special Collections area of the McDermott Library at the University of Texas at Dallas. Except during the summer months we generally meet on a monthly basis. We meet to study, trade and discuss First Day Covers, Event Covers and other items of philatelic interest.

The Chapter is open to all those interested in First Day Cover collecting from the beginner to the advanced collector. If you are a stamp collector and think you might have leanings towards FDC collecting - come and visit.

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For information about our chapter please contact:

Special Announcement:

A catalog of Chapter 56's covers is now available. This is a catalog of all the covers produced by the chapter.
Click here to view the catalog. (Note: This is a living document that will be updated as new covers are added.)

  2016 Chapter Meeting Topics
  April 9, 2016
  • 9 AM until 10 AM: Swap and Shop or just sit and chat over a cup of coffee.
  • 10 AM until 11 AM - Business meeting:
    • Secretaries report
    • Treasurers report
    • Presidents comments - subjects will include:
      • The chapter website
      • June Picnic
      • Summer UTD lecture (John Hotchner)
      • Moon stamp FDCs
      • Last chance to order Space stamps covers
    • TPA Officers vote. Our chapter membership allows us a vote. One of our members, Anne Benner is on the ballot.
  • 11 AM until noon - Lecture by Mike Gibson on Cachet Making:
    • Designing the cachets
    • Printing the cachets
    • Servicing the cachets
    • Mike will show how he uses a computer to design and print the covers.
    • We are fortunate to have several members who make cachets for FDCs and Event covers. They are Mike Gibson, Bob Emrick, Tricia Richmond, Darcy Richmond, Shawana Pugh, Norman Cohen, Lyle Boardman, Kris McIntosh and Kendal Bevil.
  March 12, 2016
  • 9 AM until 10 AM: Shop and Swap or just sit and chat over a cup of coffee.
  • 10 AM Business meeting begins:
    • Secretaries Report Anne Benner
    • Treasurers Report Robert McDermott
    • Presidents Comments Paul Benson
    • Speakers for the April and May meetings
    • June Picnic
    • Ron and Paul will update Chapter Cover catalog with some additional covers not included in the latest on line version.
    • Ron suggested we make the catalog available to FDC Chapters or members via a download.
    • UTD Cover display
    • update for March/April Facebook
    • can we add info to our web site that is being maintained by David Richmond?
    • Kris McIntosh won an award for her exhibit at TEXPEX. Congratulations Kris!
  • 11-noon: TEXPEX - We can discuss the 2016 TEXPEX show. What we accomplished at our booth and the meeting with Kendal Bevil. Kris can discuss her award and show her display. We can begin planning for our chapter exhibit for the 2017 TEXPEX *************************************************************************************** Thanks to all members who were able to volunteer their time to sit at our table at TEXPEX.
  February 26-28, 2016

Meeting Topic: TEXPEX 2016

  February 13, 2016
  • 9:00 to 10:00 AM: Swap and shop or just have a cup of coffee and sit and chat.
  • 10:00: Business Meeting begins
    • Secretaries report - Anne Benner
    • Treasurers report - Bob McDermott
    • Presidents comments Ron Aljoe
    • Discussion:
      • 18x24 inch history lesson for display
      • Chapter cover catalog
      • Balloon Festival variety covers DA Lux and
      • Mike Gibson report on the Love stamp FDOI Ceremony at Love Field. Chapter covers for the Love stamp may be available for purchase.
    • We need an extra set of Mikes Christmas covers for our chapter album. Currently we are using photo copies, covers are from 2014 and 2015 TEXPEX

Feb 26-28: Our Chapter will have a table at the 2016 TEXPEX show, primarily to seek new members for the AFDCS as well as our chapter. We need volunteers to staff the table, please volunteer your time. We can also promote the Wineburgh Philatelic Library at UTD.

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