American First Day Cover Society
AFDCS Chapter 56
Texas Philatelic Association

Welcome to the Fred C. Sawyer
North TX Chapter 56
of the American First Day Cover Society
Texas Philatelic Association Unit #6

Auction Covers:

The proceeds of this auction will allow the Fred Sawyer chapter to continue supporting the efforts of our national society (AFDCS) and also our local philatelic organizations, the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library and the Texas Philatelic Association.

The auction will be begin on Friday October 8, 2021.

Mail-in bids must be postmarked by Saturday 13 November at 12 noon CT.

Online bids must be entered by Saturday 13 November at 12 noon CT.

Click here to bid online.

Click here to display a bidsheet.

The price listed with each entry is the minimum bid for that item.

Please bid in whole dollar amounts only. Bids with cents will be modified to be the whole dollar amount only.

The winning bid will be the first highest bid received and will be $1 over the next lower bid.

Individuals who have won an item will receive a detail list of their winning bids and the total amount due (including postage). Upon receipt of payment the cover(s) will be mailed to the winner. The auction will end on 11/13/2021, but final winners will not be notified until after 11/20/2021.

Click here to pay with PayPal after you have been notified that you won. Specify as the recipient.

Note: To view a larger image of the item, click on the image
Arnold Palmer Arianna Calle Scott #5455 $10.00 Chien-Shiung Wu Arianna Calle Scott #5557 $10.00 Mark Twain Bennett Cachetoons Scott #4545 $7.00 USS Missouri Bella Cachets Hand drawn / Hand painted Scott #5392 (1 of 1) $20.00
Ronald Reagan Frosty Cachet #20 Scott #4494 $3.00 Mr. Rogers Covers by Guy Scott #5275 (26/50) $10.00 Scooby-Doo Bennett Cachetoons Scott #5299 $7.00 Yogi Berra Covers by Guy Scott #5608 (2/50) $10.00
Baseball Centennial Scott #855 $9.00 Walt Disney House of Farnam cachet Scott #1355 $6.00 USS Enterprise cxl Scott #1185 From V. ADM H.G. Rickover, USN $15.00
Military Working Dogs Scott #5405-5408 ACE #486 & ACE #558 Unofficial FDC cxl (Omaha,NE) 4 FDC''s ( 2 different cachets)
$8.00 (set bid)
$9.35 Express Mail Scott #1909 Fleetwood cachet $5.00 $10.75 Express Mail Scott #2122b ArtCraft cachet $5.00 $9.95 Express Mail Scott #2541 ArtCraft cachet $5.00 $2.90 Priority Mail Scott #2540 ArtCraft cachet $4.00
Western wear Set of 4 FDCs Scott #5615-5618 $6.00 (set bid)
Western wear Scott #5615-5618 C. Delgado (ACE # 20) Set of 2 FDCs (DCP Cxl.) Scott #5615-5618 $6.00 (set bid)
Songbirds in Snow Scott #5126-5129 Very few produced $10.00 (set bid)
FDC Ceremony Program Backyard Games Scott #5627-5634 signed by participating dignitaries $6.00
Great Britain Sir Winston S. Churchill Centenary of his Birth Fleetwood cachets set of 4 $8.00 (set bid)
American Red Cross Scott #1910 Set of 2 by Watercolor Cachets $6.00 (set bid) Mars Pathfinder Souvenir Sheet Artmaster cachet Scott #3178 $7.00